About this workshop

This course will help you better understand concepts, tools, and workflows in photogrammetry and PIX4Dmatic that extend beyond the scope of this course. A series of hands-on exercises and lectures will demonstrate how to achieve the best results with PIX4Dmatic. This course will teach you the fundamentals of photogrammetry in collision reconstruction and how to process a PIX4Dmatic project from the beginning to the end. Finally, the course will demonstrate to export your reconstructions for use in PIX4Dsurvey or third-party software.

You may be transferred to another date if the minimum number of attendees is not reached.

    • Date and time
    • Tuesday, August 15, 2023, 9:00am - 2:00pm (MDT / UTC-6)
    • Wednesday, August 16, 2023, 9:00am - 2:00pm (MDT / UTC-6)
    • Thursday, August 17, 2023, 9:00am - 2:00pm (MDT / UTC-6)

    • Attendance on all three days is required.

    • Location: Online

    • Price: 545 USD (EARLYBIRD coupon code until July 18, 2023)
      675 USD (after July 18, 2023)

    • Operating system: Windows

    • Software products: PIX4Dmatic and PIX4Dsurvey


  • The basics of photogrammetry in collision reconstruction.
  • How to capture images with an aerial platform and by hand.
  • How to collect ground control point and checkpoint geolocation data.
  • How to georeference a PIX4Dmatic project using ground control points.
  • How to process a project from A to Z in PIX4Dmatic.
  • How to export your reconstructions from PIX4Dmatic.
  • How to capture and process terrestrial images for crush analysis


  • Lecture
  • Essential PIX4Dmatic workflow for collision reconstruction.
  • Basics of photogrammetry in collision reconstruction.
  • What is ground sampling distance (GSD)?
  • Introduction to capturing RGB images.
  • Introduction to flight planning.
  • Introduction to relative and absolute accuracy.
  • Introduction to collecting ground control points (GCPs) and checkpoints.
  • [optional] Capturing single points with the viDoc RTK rover and PIX4catch.
  • Introduction to the PIX4Dmatic processing templates.
  • [optional] Working with an arbitrary coordinate reference system in PIX4Dmatic.
  • Introduction to exporting reconstructions with PIX4Dmatic.
  • Introduction to capturing and processing images for crush analysis.
  • Introduction to capturing data with PIX4Dcatch.
  • Introduction to exporting a depth and fused point cloud with PIX4Dmatic.
  • Introduction to post-processing options.

  • Practical exercises
  • Download and install PIX4Dmatic.
  • Launch and activate PIX4Dmatic.
  • Introduction to the PIX4Dmatic interface.
  • Import data into PIX4Dmatic.
  • Calibrate with PIX4Dmatic.
  • Georeference with PIX4Dmatic.
  • Test a distance with PIX4Dmatic.
  • Assess the quality of the results with PIX4Dmatic.
  • Add a region of interest with PIX4Dmatic.
  • Generate a dense point cloud with PIX4Dmatic.
  • Generate a mesh with PIX4Dmatic.
  • Generate a digital surface model (DSM) with PIX4Dmatic.
  • Generate an orthomosaic with PIX4Dmatic.
  • [optional] Share to PIX4Dcloud from PIX4Dmatic.
  • Generate a depth and dense fusion point cloud with PIX4Dmatic.
  • Generate a mesh and orthomosaic from a fused point cloud with PIX4Dmatic.


William Hawkins

William has hosted numerous public and private classes around the world on behalf of Pix4D and is a geologist with over 20 years of petroleum exploration and mining experience. An experienced UAS pilot and service provider, he has planned and completed a wide range of industrial and research 3D modeling projects. His firsthand experience acquiring data in diverse environments and extensive use of Pix4D applications will help you achieve your project goals.

Technical Trainer

Austen Thum

Austen has hosted numerous training courses and is a part of the Pix4D Training Team based in Denver. He has a strong background in GIS and UAV collections. As a certified FAA part 107 UAS pilot, Austen has flown numerous flight missions for a range of industries. He has trained and led a team of GIS technicians through various geoprocessing workflows and change detection projects which analyze clients' green infrastructure. Austen will help you succeed in your photogrammetric endeavors through his background in flight planning, field collections, and Pix4D post-processing analysis.


  • How can I contact the workshop organizer if I have other questions?

    Send us an email to training@pix4d.com, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • How can I ensure that my system is compatible with the software and training platform?

    Please ensure that you check the computer requirements and test your audio and video before the class starts.

  • Do I need a PIX4Dmatic and a PIX4Dsurvey license to attend the workshop?

    It is not necessary that you own a license to attend the workshop. If you do not own a license, you will be provided with a temporary one for the duration of the workshop.

  • Are there any discounts available?

    Discounts are available for educational institutions. Early bird pricing is available until one month before select workshops. Please contact the Pix4D training team to request a coupon code.

  • Refund policy

    Orders may not be changed, modified, converted, or refunded once an order has been confirmed.

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