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The Pix4Dmapper Essentials certification exam tests the candidate's experience in applying Pix4Dmapper concepts and processes to workflows through multiple-choice questions. Qualified candidates should demonstrate comprehension of essential Pix4Dmapper concepts, including data acquisition, measurements, editing and visualization tasks. Qualified candidates should be proficient in best practices and uses of Pix4Dmapper software.

    • Exam details

    • Number of questions: 60

    • Published date: March 2020

    • Language: English

    • Approximate duration: 2 hours

    • Number of tries: 1

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    The Pix4Dmapper Essentials certification exam

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A certificate is provided to anyone who receives a passing grade and it is compliant with most continuing education credit requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does the certification exam start and finish?

    The certification exam is entirely online and self-paced - you decide when you start and when you finish.

  • What is the format of the exam?

    The certification exam is composed of randomized multiple-choice questions and will test your knowledge and understanding of key terms, concepts, and desktop software functionality.

  • What hardware and software do I need to take the exam?

    You need a reliable internet connection and either a computer, a tablet or a mobile phone.

  • How can I prepare for the certification exam?

    You can prepare for the Pix4Dmapper Essentials exam via different means. Any of the following items is an option, and the list is non-exhaustive:

    - Attending a Pix4Dmapper Essentials workshop.
    - Taking the Pix4Dmapper Essentials online course.
    - Visiting Pix4D's support documentation.
    - Watching video tutorials about Pix4Dmapper.
    - Practicing with free datasets.

  • What happens if I fail the exam?

    If you do not receive a passing grade, you may purchase new access to the certification exam then contact us at training@pix4d.com. Please provide us with the purchase order number so that we can give you new access to the exam.

    Note that the certification exam is designed to measure candidates’ skills and abilities with Pix4Dmapper, not their ability to study or memorize specific questions that were on the exam. Qualified candidates will be able to pass this exam regardless of the questions asked. As a result, to protect the integrity of the certification process, Pix4D does not share information about the specific questions that were missed.

  • What if I already paid for the Pix4Dmapper Fundamentals certification exam but have not started or completed the exam yet?

    The Pix4Dmapper Fundamentals certification exam has been discontinued so you have two options:

    - Write to training@pix4d.com and we'll give you access to the new Pix4Dmapper Essentials certification exam.
    - Take the Pix4Dmapper Fundamentals certification exam at https://cloud.pix4d.com/account/certification/exam.

  • How can I contact the owner if I have other questions?

    Please send an email to training@pix4d.com, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Are discounts available for educational institutions or non-profit organizations?

    Educational discounts are available. Please send an email to training@pix4d.com for more information.

  • Can I make the payment in other currencies or with a different payment method?

    The payment can be done in €, USD, or CHF through Paypal, Credit Card, or wire transfer. If you would like to make the payment in USD, CHF, or through wire transfer please contact our sales team.

  • What is the refund policy?

    Orders may not be changed, modified, converted, or refunded once an order has been confirmed.