About this workshop

This workshop will introduce you to critical Pix4Dfields workflows. You will learn best practices for capturing RGB and multispectral images and creating, managing, analyzing, and sharing 2D representations of reality. A series of hands-on exercises will demonstrate how to effectively work with the Pix4Dfields solution.

    • Date and time
    • Tuesday, September 22, 2020, 9:00am - 5:00pm (CEST / UTC+2)

    • Location: Online

    • Price: 95€ (early bird until August 22)
      145€ (after September 22)

    • Operating system: Windows and macOS


  • How to capture RGB and multispectral images for commercial agricultural operations.
  • How to generate geometrically and radiometrically accurate representations of crops.
  • How to share your representations with third-party software and stakeholders.



  • Introduction to Pix4Dfields Essentials
  • Introduction to seeing the unseen
  • Introduction to ground sampling distance
  • Introduction to configuring a traditional RGB camera
  • Introduction to capturing RGB images with an aerial platform for agricultural applications
  • Introduction to capturing multispectral images with an aerial platform
  • Introduction to environmental considerations when capturing images for agricultural applications
  • Introduction to hardware requirements for Pix4Dfields
  • Introduction to processing options in Pix4Dfields

Practical exercises

  • Download and install Pix4Dfields
  • Launch and activate Pix4Dfields
  • Open a Pix4Dfields project
  • Generate an orthomosaic in Pix4Dfields
  • Link internal camera model parameters in Pix4Dfields
  • Import an orthomosaic into Pix4Dfields
  • Add a field boundary in Pix4Dfields
  • Generate an index in Pix4Dfields
  • Annotate in Pix4Dfields
  • Compare layers in Pix4Dfields
  • Generate a zonation and prescription in Pix4Dfields
  • Export data in Pix4Dfields


Andrew McIntyre

Andrew has hosted numerous classes around the world on behalf of Pix4D. In addition to his experience educating people about best practices, he has extensive experience providing technical support for a wide range of applications. His practical work experience prior to joining Pix4D has empowered him to provide you with recommendations that help you understand the capabilities and limitations of the technology.

User testimonials

"I loved how everything was explained so clearly. The instructor was very patient and allowed everyone to feel welcome asking questions. He was very knowledgeable and that made me feel very confident I was going to learn what I needed to in order to succeed."

Alex Griffin, Tulsa Land Surveying LLC


  • How can I contact the workshop organizer if I have other questions?

    Send us an email to training@pix4d.com, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • How can I ensure that my system is compatible with the training platform?

    Please ensure that you join a system testing session before the class starts.

  • Do I need a Pix4Dfields license to attend the workshop?

    It is not necessary that you own a Pix4Dfields license to attend the workshop. If you do not own a license, you will be provided with a temporary one for the duration of the workshop.

  • Are there any discounts available?

    Discounts are available for educational institutions. Early bird pricing is available until one month before select workshops. Please contact the Pix4D training team to request a coupon code.

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